Government Illegals

Individual Cases

Robinson Martinez:

·      Audio 1 [Recorded 5/18/11]: Howard Rose at the Houston Detention Facility screams at then pro se Robinson, who is trying to explain he is a U.S. citizen and therefore should not be in deportation proceedings.

·      Audio 2 [Recorded later in 2011]: Rose at another hearing several months later is talking over Robinson about the rules of citizenship based on a fact-pattern that has nothing to do with the evidence Robinson was trying to present.

Andres Robles: Unlawfully deported in 2008

·      Complaint [Filed 3/26/14]

·      Notice of Submission [Filed 7/25/14]

·      Motion to Dismiss [Filed 7/25/14]

·      Order Denying Motion to Dismiss [Filed 8/06/14]

·      Andres Robles Motions and Exhibits:

o   Response and Memorandum in Opposition to Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss [Filed 8/04/14]

o   Exhibit 1- Order in Ortega [Filed 8/04/14]

o   Exhibit 2- Order in Ibrahim [Filed 8/04/14]

·      Government Motion and Exhibit:

o   Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss [Filed 7/25/14]

o   Exhibit-Acuna Declaration, noting June 2014 update of records [Filed 7/25/2014]

Frank Serna:

·       Letter to Jacqueline Stevens [Written 6/03/13]

·       Hearing on 5/08/12: Frank uses correct legal analysis to confirm his U.S. citizenship but Benton cuts him off.

·       Hearing on 9/12/12: Frank states on record that his parents are deceased. Benton later claims to have spoken to his mother.